4 Reasons Your CIHR Proposal Didn't Get Funded

And how to fix it for resubmission



The big mistakes that many researchers make when writing their grant proposals, and why it leads to rejection


How to identify the types of mistakes that you made in your last proposal so that you can fix them for the next grant cycle


The grant writing strategies that you can use to make sure that reviewers pay attention to your next grant proposal

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In less than 30 minutes you'll learn how to dissect the reviewer comments from your last grant proposal and make a plan to fix it for resubmission.

You're not a failure. You're in good company.

CIHR and NIH success rates have hovered around 15% for the last several years. Plenty of brilliant studies have been rejected because of lack of funding. Ok, fine...but how do you get into that top 15%?

Join me for a 30-minute workshop to learn the most common reasons grants get rejected, and what you can do to turn yours around for the next grant cycle. Use these same tools and strategies to improve every grant you submit from now on.

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